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1000W Lumatek Dual Spec Bulb



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1000W Lumatek Dual Spec Bulb

Lumatek have launched their new range of horticultural HID grow bulbs. Tuned to the ultra-high operating frequency of the Digital Lumatek Ballasts , the bulbs components have been reinforced making them much more robust and therefore a long life grow-lighting solution delivering a high level of Photosynthetic Active Radiation to promote healthy plant growth. These lamps have strengthened seals and a reinforced arc frame to ensure that they will provide long lasting performance with stable lumen output.

The Lumatek Dual Spec HPS bulbs Boost your yields thanks to a unique gas blend with an optimized spectrum to promote photosynthesis. Enhanced blue spectrum technology means a dual-spec lamp that can be used throughout the entire grow and flower/fruiting cycles. For best results; always pair your Lumatek ballast with a Lumatek grow lamp.


      • Luminous Efficiency (lm/W): 150
      • PAR (umol/s): 1798
      • Photo Flux (phyto-lm):290,000
      • Weight: 1.0 lbs.
      • Package Dimensions: 16.5L x 3.5W x 3.5H
      • Rated Wattage: 1000
      • Base Type: Mogul (E39)
      • HID Type: Sodium
      • Rated Initial Lumens: 145,000
      • Color Temp: 2100K




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