11L Square Design Grow Pot


High quality plastic grow pots with design on the top of the pot,  available in various sizes.


11L Square Design Grow Pot

These high quality plastic black square grow pots come in 5 different sizes and they have a small design on the top of the pot.

They have plenty drainage holes and space on the bottom for oxygen and air movement.

  • Fantastic value
  • High quality black plastic
  • Ultra tough – will stand up to plenty of abuse
  • Premium 6L, 11L, 18L and 25L square pots are designed to fit the Atami Wilma Hydroponic systems

Pot Dimensions:

6Ltr Design Pot : H 21.6cm x W 21cm x L 21cm

11Ltr Design Pot: H 25.5cm x W 25cm x L 25cm

14Ltr Design Pot: H 28.5cm x W 28cm x L 28cm

18 Ltr Design Pot: H 30.5cm x W 30cm x L 30cm

25 Ltr Design Pot: H 33.5cm x W 33.5cm x L 33.5cm


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