135W LightHouse ECOHEAT Greenhouse Heater


135w – 915mm – Coverage : 240cm x 240cm


135W Greenhouse Heater

The Lighthouse ECOHEAT Greenhouse Heater provides a stable environment to protect your plants against sudden temperature drops or low night temperatures.

  • Helps reduce humidity and condensation when growing indoors thus protecting against fungal attack.
  • Ideal in propagation areas where a constant ambient temperature is critical.
  • Cheap to run the heater, uses less than 50w per foot (300mm), power similar to an ordinary light bulb and 25% less than most similar tube heaters.
  • More economical than a fan heater, cleaner and safer than paraffin heaters.
  • IP55 rated, splash and sprinkler resistant.
  • Features brackets for use on the floor or mounting to a wall.



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