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Bio Bizz Bio Heaven

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What is Bio Heaven?

It contains carefully selected biological stimulants, such as amino acids. These are the basic building blocks for proteins and enzymes that are essential for the plant’s health and metabolism.

As a result, this energy booster not only improves the effects and movement of food in all foliar sprays and feed blends. It also gets rid of toxins through boosting the plant’s anti oxidant system and repairs chlorophyll production.

The Bio Heaven benefits

Bio Heaven starts enzyme activity and fast nutrient uptake. Plants are also able to retain more moisture and less stress as a result.

Bio Heaven also provides a great source of carbonic acid for micro organisms in the soil. The crop does better and you can look forward to a better yield.

How to use it?

Bio Heaven can be used in every type of substrate, coco mix or hydro systems. When using All Mix or Light Mix, the ideal dose is starting with 2ml and slowly increasing to 5ml per 1 litre of water.


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