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Bio Bizz Root Juice

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What is Root Juice?

Root Juice combines two amazing natural substances: humic acid and sea weed. It’s formulated to encourage root growth and the natural biological life that surrounds and supports your plant’s root system. Root Juice helps with the initial roots stage as well as the growth of plants that have already rooted. Therefore, resulting in a strong, resilient crop and a guaranteed good harvest.

How to use it?

Root Juice is ideal for adding to soil, peat, and coco mixes. As well as providing guaranteed root protection with hydroponic or aeroponic systems. If you’re using All Mix or Light Mix substrates, it’s best to feed plants during the first week(s) with Root Juice as this is the crucial time period for healthy rooting. Furthermore, biobizz recommends a dose of 1 to 4 ml of Root·Juice per litre of water.


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