Co2 Boost Bucket Complete


It’s time to take your indoor gardening to the next level with Co2 Boost Bucket. Just plug in the Co2 Boost pump and watch as your plants’ health and size increase daily! If used properly, Co2 Boost provides your plants with Co2 for a full 90 days.


Co2 Boost Bucket Complete

The CO2 BOOST Bucket generates large amounts of Co2 from a combination of all-natural ingredients contained within the bucket.

CO2 Boost Bucket Features :

  • CO2 Boost with ingredients that are 100% all-natural and harmless
  • Compact, small and lightweight
  • Comes with a fifteen minute timer
  • No dangerous open flames!
  • No CO2 emitters or generators to mess with

The CO2 Boost bucket is a safe, easy way to add CO2 to your grow room, grow chamber, or any enclosed gardening area.

CO2 Boost will enrich your indoor garden with CO2 levels for 60 days (up to 90 days in some cases) without heavy tanks. Completely natural, 100% organic and odourless! Simply plug the included air pump into your 15 minute timer, and run it during the lights on period (when plants can really use the CO2), then experience the benefits of increased growth rates by up to 6 times.

No more messing with complicated CO2 emitters or generators, just plug in CO2 Boost and watch your plants grow. No costly start up and maintenance fees! No hassle of CO2 tank replacement! No hazardous gas burning! No plant damaging heat production. If your grow room is properly sealed, you can achieve optimum growing levels at 1200-1500ppms in areas up to 10 x 10 x 10 feet. If your growing area is larger than that we suggest multiple buckets.

The manufacturer guarantees CO2 output for 60 days if used constantly. If you coordinate it with a timer to coincide with your lights on/lights off phase, it could last you 75-90 days. Once your bucket has expired use the remaining ingredients as high grade fertilizer!


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