Combi Duct 10m

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Tear resistant super strong ducting per 10 Metre Box



Combi Duct 10m

The COMB4U Combi ducting is a combination of an ALU4U innercore with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix and covered with a mechanical resistant PVC. This combination provides a super strong yet remarkably flexible ventilation product, guaranteed to remain completely airtight and resistant against all grow room temperatures and fan pressures.

Combi ducting is tear resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 140° C

Simply attach the combi ducting to your intake, extraction fan or carbon filter with clamps or duct tape.

For the best results, keep your ducting as straight as possible, this will eliminate noise and not reduce your fan speed, each bend in your ducting can reduce your fan speed by 20% and the air hits the bends, making noise.

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102mm, 127mm, 152mm, 165mm, 203mm, 254mm, 315mm


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