CultiMate 4Pack


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CultiMate 4Pack


Active Circulation System for CultiMate®S (4-pack)

Highly efficient, easy to use, expandable recirculation system

The CultiMate® 4-pack system allows you to install a proper hydroponic system in small spaces, and to tailor size to your needs. The entire system runs off one air pump, and our innovative T-connector design means that nutrient solution is fully circulated in just thirty minutes!

Made out of the same high-quality plastic as our market leading CultiMate® L and with the same easy access 45L reservoir, the CultiMate® 4-pack has a flip top reservoir lid for easy filling and emptying, and direct access to the nutrient solution.

  • Roto-molded in France from super tough and durable recycled plastic.
  • UV and light shielded for root protection.
  • Versatile, adaptable and reliable.

The CultiMate® 4-pack comes with 4 CultiMate® units as standard, and works best with one plant per pot. Expansion parts are available to add more CultiMate® if you wish, and you can also use the CultiMate® Controller with other brands of pot.

* Lifetime Guarantee is for reasonable use only and applies to moulded plastic systems made in France by Terra Aquatica, and excluding ancillary components, motors etc

Cultimate Small

Dimensions: L = 30,5 cm – W = 30,5 cm – H = 37 cm

Tank volume: 12ltr

Required clay pebbles: 10ltrs.


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