Eazy Plugs 77x

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Eazy Plugs 77x


Eazy Plug Trays for propagation

Introducing the easiest and fastest way to propagate seeds and cuttings!

The New Eazy Plug Cutting Trays consist of 100% organic plugs complete with cell tray. How do the cuttings root so quickly?

Firstly, they contain an exclusive nutrient formulation that facilitates root growth. This saves time and grower error! You do not need to do anything just dip the cutting stem in rooting gel or powder and place in the plugs.

What are they made of? In order to create Eazy plugs, high quality white peat and Coir dust are moulded into a sponge like shape.

And pre conditioned with low E.C, pH stabilized nutrient. Each cell tray has either 24 cells, 77 cells, and 150 cells. Also, ready to go directly into your propagator or mini greenhouse.

pH : 5.5-6.0 EC : 1.0

Main Properties :

Easy to use

PH stabilized

100 % Organic

A predetermined pH and EC value with buffering

Basic fertilizer for the first 2-3 weeks

Fast and vigorous root development

Minimum failure rate

Suitable for all seeds and cuttings

Dried, so lightweight, clean and no risk of moulds

Takes water back up amazingly fast

100 % Compostable

A predetermined pH value with buffering:

In production we can predetermine a specific pH value of the Eazy Plugs. Adding special components buffers this pH value. As a result, that the Eazy Plug will keep its predetermined pH value, even after adding water and/or nutrients with different pH values.

This way the pH value is stable, less prone to user and/or equipment errors and easier to manage.

Basic fertilizer for the first 2-3 weeks:

For the first 2-3 weeks after insertion, Easy Plugs are equipped with a basic fertilizer. After this period the user needs to take care of fertilization. Because of the buffering capability of the Eazy Plugs, there is practically no over fertilization possible, so the user is also able to add fertilizer right from the start.

The method of adding fertilizer is no different than when using rock wool or loose potting soil, but the plug is going to deal with it in a different way. Because of the buffer of the Eazy Plug, the possibility of making a mistake in the fertilization is much smaller than when using rock wool or loose potting soil, which user friendliness often results in faster rooting and better growth.

Compatible with rockwool and other growing substrates Furthermore, the composition of Eazy Plug products allows you to transfer your cutting easily to a rockwool medium without any adjustment problems. Furthermore, As long as the plants continue to grow, there will be no change in the water balance

Please note that due to the organic nature of these plugs, they are not really suited for aeroponics as they can start to break down and clogg up your system etc.


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