GHE Flora Micro for Hard Water 1L


Provides the plant with all the necessary micro elements.


GHE Fliora Micro for Hard Water 1L

A professional nutrient system to maximise a plants growth and yields. The GHE Flora range enables the grower to alter the NPK ratios and mix throughout the growth cycle.

A 1 litre set of Grow/ Bloom and Micro makes up to 1000litres of full strength solution. Only the Micro is available in hard and soft water formulation.

GHE Flora Gro promotes a lush structural and foliar growth.

GHE Flora Bloom increases root formation and health. It enables the plant to give the most of its genetic potential during flowering and fruiting stages, increasing the yield to an unbelievable extent.

GHE Flora Micro provides the plant with all the necessary micro elements, in a chelated form. It complements Flora Gro and Bloom in secondary and major nutrients creating a synergy that does the magic in the system.

GHE Flora Micro also contains different pH buffers, to help keep the nutrient solution’s pH in a good range.


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