Garland Square Tray


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1170MM X 400MM X 40MM


Garland Square Tray

A square Garland Tray, Tough recycled polypropylene tray, measures in at 600mm x 600mm x 70mm.

A great size for some of our smallest grow tents, will catch any leakage, any run off, and spillage, just what you need. example: in a 120×120 grow tent, you could put 4 of these great trays and have the ease of being able to clean up section by section if you have a spillage, making life easy is what we try to do.

High quality and tough as hell! Garland Trays are the ultimate solution for catching run off when hand watering pots or using as a catchment tray when potting up medium or mixing nutrients in your grow room.


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