Gavita Master Controller EL2



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The Gavita Master controller allows you to control your e-series fixtures with maximum control, ease of use, plug and play installation and safety.

The controller can switch all the interconnected fixtures on and off with its internal timer, adjust them to your required output level (in percentage or exact output power) and even simulate sunrise and sunset to gradually adjust the climate in your grow room when your lights go on or off. This electronic controller replaces expensive lighting timers and contactors while preventing ballast current in-rush when switching on your lights. The EL2 will control up to 80 ballasts and can be used with External Contactor Modules (ECM1). The EL2 has 2 out put channels and additional outputs for external contactor modules and alarm contacts.

Utilises two very important functions of the autodim feature and emergency shut-down.

Also available for 40 ballast control (EL1).


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