Insulated Duct 10m

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Fully flexible, sound absorbing and thermally insulated ducting available in convenient 10m boxes



Insulated Duct 10m

Sono4u+ accoustic ducting is a range of fully flexible, sound absorbing and thermally insulated ducting with a perforated inner core, allowing for more air to be dispersed quietly.

Covered on the outside with a multiple layer aluminium/polyester jacket to give an excellent vapour barrier and to prevent condensation forming.

Because of its flexibility it is easy to attach onto intake fans, extraction fans and carbon filters.

Simply attach securely with ducting clamps or duct tape.

For best results, keep your ducting as straight as possible, this will eliminate noise and not reduce your fan speed, each bend in your ducting can reduce your fan speed by 20% and the air hits the bends, making noise.

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102mm, 127mm, 152mm, 165mm, 203mm, 254mm, 315mm


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