Lumii Brigth 100W LED Fixtures


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Lumii Brigth 100W LED Fixtures

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LUMii BRIGHT 100W LED full spectrum white light LED fixture, ideal as both the only or an extra lighting source. Made of two linked LED boards with a specially designed internal driver. The LUMii BRIGHT fixture is ideal for reducing heat in your growing environment. Runs much cooler than other lighting sources.

The modular fixture allows you to connect multiple fixtures in series (up to 6) to suit a variety of growing needs. Such as growth and flowering stages, supplemental lighting, dark corners in your grow room, keeping donor plants and boosting yields.

Why LED?

The most popular light for horticultural use is a high intensity discharge (HID) light. Specifically, the high pressure sodium (HPS) bulb. LED lights are gaining in popularity and will most likely overtake HPS lighting in the near future. The reason for this is simple: due to their customizability, LED lighting make for more efficient grow lights than high pressure sodium lamps.

Cheap lights do not generally provide the perfect spectra in the perfect ratios and are thus much less efficient. LED grow lights need less electricity to run and, due to their lower heat, less electricity to keep down the temperature of the grow space.


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