LUMii Green LED Work Light


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LUMii Green LED Work Light

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LUMii Green LED WorkLight

The LUMii Green LED WorkLight offers one 10w ULTRA BRIGHT high-intensity green LED. It delivers a wide beam of light for maximum viewing range. Most bugs are active when your lights are off.

The green light emitted from the LED Head lamp is not visible to your plants. Furthermore, they are perfect for checking plants without interruption of the photo-period. Also, rechargeable and compact design. Supplied with a heavy duty clip for easy fixing that can also tilt, to deliver illumination where needed.

Input Voltage 12VDC | Power 10w | Charge Time 4 hours |Working Time 2 hours

How to use your Lumii green light.

Gardeners primarily use green grow lights to water, navigate the grow room, or inspect plants during the dark cycle because the green lights do not interrupt the plant’s “night” period.

Green light mimics moonlight, so even if a plant is aware of the light, it does not trigger photosynthesis or photoperiod hormones.

Green lights are also used to inspect plants, since seeing discoloration or health problems may be missed under red light. Reading through many forum discussions, most people see no effect on the plant yield and many assume the plants aren’t absorbing the light at all.


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