Plagron 50/50 Cocos Pebbles 45L



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A 50/50 combination of high quality Coco Fibre and Clay Pebbles.


Plagron 50/50 Cocos Pebbles 45L

Plagron Cocos media is a 50/50 mix of clay pebbles and coco offering the best of both media.  The coco will keep the pH in the media stable, whilst the pebbles provide high air content.

The EC value of Cocos Pebbles is extremely low, therefore the grower has full control over the fertilisation.  Plagron Cocos Pebbles is suitable for almost any hydroponics system, because of the excellent drainage that the pebbles supply.

Advantages of Cocos Pebbles:

  • Completely buffered substrate with a stable pH.
  • Excellent drainage.
  • High oxygen level.
  • Guaranteed low EC value.


Coconut husk and clay pebbles.


Start with fertilising from the first day.


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