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Plagron Pro Mix

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Plagron Promix

Plagron Pro Mix is a mix of the very best, carefully selected types of peat with no added fertiliser

No nutrients have been added to Pro Mix, only worm castings, which stimulates the growth of soil organisms and activate the organic fertilisers which have to be added from the beginning by you.

This makes pro mix the perfect potting soil to fertilise organically according to your own judgement and choices.

The result is a 100% organic yield ( if used with organic nutrients ) Pro mix produces the highest yields when used with Alga Grow, Alga Bloom.


No added NPK fertiliser

The Advantages of Promix:

Pro Mix Soil is 100% Organic and is suitable for indoor gardening and outdoor gardening.

No added nutrients.

Maximum control through fertilisation freedom.

Rapid rooting through low EC value.

Start with fertilisation from the first day.

Should I adjust the pH and EC values of my nutrient solution if i grow with Promix?

According to the 100% NATURAL Grow Style you don’t have to regulate the pH and EC value of nutrient solutions when you combine Promix with Alga Grow and Alga Bloom.

Can I germinate seeds or create cuttings in Promix?

Yes, technically this is possible. However, the airiness of Promix will make it difficult for the seeds or cutlings to absorb moisture. Therefore they will not develop as well and less quickly. The fibers in Promix also may hinder the seeds when they are growing out of the soil. Therefore you should rather use our Seeding & Cutting soil.

Why is Seeding and Cutting Soil suitable for seeds and cuttings?

Seeding and Cutting Soil has a low EC value. This promotes the germination and rooting of young plants. The fine structure of Seeding and Cutting Soil ensures that roots can develop optimally.


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