16L Root Pouch Black


Scientifically proven to produce healthy, strong, fibrous root systems on plants.


16L Root Pouch Black

  • 4-5 years degradation
  • 260 g/m2 fabric

The thickest and heaviest degradable fabric, making it the most durable and long lasting of the Root Pouch degradable grow bag options.

The Root Pouch Utilitarian line is affordable for mass production.

4-5 Year Lifespan – Black Root Pouch fabric grow bags can be used to grow plants of any size and type, and is also ideal for transporting plants because they are lightweight and durable.

Root Pouch uses 21st century technology to produce the finest horticulture growing pots and bags available. Scientifically proven to produce healthy, strong, fibrous root systems on plants.

Made from recycled water bottles mixed with natural fibres such as jute and cotton, to create a fabric that, in time, will degrade and allow the roots to penetrate through the fabric into the soil. The fabric does not start to break down until there is soil on BOTH sides (planted in the ground or sitting in a can yard directly on soil).

A healthier alternative for the environment! Every year, millions of plastic pots require petroleum and fossil fuels to be created, and then eventually they are discarded to clog up our landfills.

Root Pouch Benefits:

  • Degradable
  • Prevents roots from circling (naturally root prunes)
  • Creates insulation from winter cold and/or summer heat
  • Allows air & nutrients to pass freely through
  • Decreases risk of transplant shock
  • Produces bigger yields & promotes vigorous root growth
  • Can be used with drip systems, overheads & hydroponic flood trays
  • Better than black plastic
  • Pots are washable and last for multiple seasons
  • Can be used and then composted


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