Crop Guard LaminAid TH 250ML


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Crop Guard LaminAid TH 250ML


Crop Guard LaminAid TH 250ml

Don’t let your leaves become discoloured and silvery. Use LaminAid TH to keep the maximum amount of chlorophyll in your leaves. If your troubled by Thrips, LaminAid will effectively wipe them out. Thrips are very small ( about 1mm ) long insect that feed on plant leaves.

The damage they cause makes it easy to identify them. The damage looks like scratches in the leaf blade. They are distinguished from mites in that they are fast moving, don’t spin webs and vary from light tan to black in colour.

While Thrips aren’t common, they are sneaky and can multiply quickly and cause a lot of damage. At the first sign of Thrips, apply LaminAid according to directions. Do not apply within two weeks of harvest.


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