LUMii 24 Hour Manual Timer


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LUMii 24 Hour Manual Timer

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LUMii Manual Timer

The LUMii Manual Timer is ideal for setting day and night on/off lighting period as well as setting a heater on periods and timing irrigation cycles. It is reliable and has a high quality timer unit. Designed to take a 13 amp plug so there is no need to remove the plug to reset the controls.

There are 96 switching operations within a 24 hour period (every 15 minutes). It is ideal for setting on and off (day and night) periods with CFL and T5 as well as LED grow lights and timing pumps for irrigation cycles.

Why use a timer

Used to regulate artificial sunlight exposure for indoor plants. You can set it up automatically to turn on and off at certain points during the day and night. Many  grow lights don’t come with timers. It makes sense, therefore, to add a reliable timer if you’re planning to spend money on a grow light setup.

Using timers will bring a lot of benefits to both your plants and your setup.


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